Our Programmes

Our Programmes

MDSM, expediting its process through relent quest of deprived, neglected and disadvantaged section, have naive to plunge series of activities in favour of them, provided line of directions to stand up and claim their exorcist demands. As a result of which a number of senior citizens, who are considered to be the treasurer of the Nation, have availed adequate care, shelter and emotional back-up to develop their insight . Moreover, the Organization establishes a productive equilibrium by means of light manual exercises and it is our best bate to bring them into the social network. MDSM has rendered yeoman-service to the women and girls whose life was at a stake and had no social support system. Harnessing their latent talent and infusing them the most needed virtue of tolerance by means of renewing their self-confidence, taught them the art of survival. As a result of which the inner strength of the victims boosted out and it instilled confidence among them to take their legal entitlements in the society. The pied-stroke approach, MDSM develops a niche for the orphan, abandoned and neglected children inculcating them the real fragrance of education, where they can achieve their over all growth through intensive care with aspiration and finally stable them as a well organized diplomacy citizen of the Nation..

i. Children’s Home, Gobindpur:

Child Care Institute “Children’s Home”, Govindpur, Dhenkanal; funded by OSCPS, W & C. D. Department, Government of Odisha is the ideal set-up to infuse strength and ability among the children in need of care and protection of 6-18 years age. It is registered under the Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection of Children) Act and recognized by the State Government as Children’s Home for Dhenkanal District to provide institutional care to the children in need of Care and protection. The children residing here are referred by the District Child Welfare Committee after their satisfaction that they are actually in need of care and protection and require institutional service.

he Institutes is equipped with different professional staff such as Residential Superintendent, Social Worker, Store Keeper cum Accountant Caretaking Mother/Father, House Doctor, Vocational Teacher, Computer Educator, Tuition Teacher, House Keeper, Cook, Helper and Physical Instructor to execute the promotional work as envisaged under the JJ Act. Children housed here, maintain a discipline life and follow the daily routine which is pre-requisite for physical, moral and emotional development of the children. Balanced diet, health care, education, recreation, training and counseling are the services which the Institution provides to the residents. The Institute prepares Individual Care Plan and Social Investigation Report of each child to map planned development process for them and find out the alternative for their rehabilitation and reintegration.

ii. Open Shelter:

To cater the unique needs of the children such as beggar, street performer, rag picker, small vender, orphan, deserted, trafficked, run-away, missing and children of migrant population residing in urban and semi-urban areas of Dhenkanal District, Maharshi Dayananda Service Mission has set-up shelter home namely Open Shelter at Kathagada of Dhenkanal Municipality to harness their talent and potentiality and give them opportunity to become productive citizens of the nation. It is seen that they are compounded by lack of shelter, education, health care, safe drinking water, recreation etc. Feeling the required need of the area and to provide them a safe space where they can play, study and use their time productively, MDSM started this child friendly program in the year 2013-14.

There are three Contact Points established under these program- two centers at two ends of Dhenkanal Town and another is at Collectorate, near to the Bus-Stop to identify these vulnerable children and attract their interest towards the center. While Shelter Home functions as 24-hours crisis management center, the Contact Points remain open from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM to receive and provide assistance to the children whenever necessary. Personality development, rising of self- esteem, positive approach towards life, developing good communication skill, reducing of vulnerability and creativeness are the educations which Open Shelter promotes for total growth and development of this specific group of children.

iii. Specialized Adoption Agency (SAA)- Dhenkanal:

Home for infants, popularly known as Specialized Adoption Agency (SAA), Kathagada, Dhenkanal is an abode to provide life to the newborn babies; those are orphan, abandoned and surrendered and might have caused an impending death. This is an ideal set-up to provide institutional service to the children in need of care and protection as first need and thereafter, to rehabilitate and reintegrate them socially. The process is completely an ideological set-up to mitigate the deficiencies lying with institutional care and find out permanent solution to rehabilitate the children by placing them in suitable Indian and foreign families through adoption.

It fulfills the norms prescribed under the Juvenile Justice (Care & Protection of Children) Act, 2015 and Adoption Regulation 2017 and strictly follows the guidelines prescribed by the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) for the purpose of In-County and Inter Country Adoption.
Whenever a child comes, the institute produces him before the concerned Child Welfare Committee (CWC), prepares individual care plan, and initiates process to tress out the claimant of the child. If no claimant comes forward to claim the child within stipulated time frame, then it submits undertaking to the CWC in that respect and CWC declares the child legally free for adoption. Once a child admitted in SAA, the institution uploads the information along with photograph of the child in the CARING portal of CARA. There are other formalities and legal paraphernalia which the institution and the parents have to meet before final adoption. We can say that, this is a legal process through which a child gets permanent rehabilitation solution and the status of a natural borne child of the adoptive parents.

iv. Swadhar Greh for Women in Difficult Circumstances [Dhenkanal & Angul]:

In order to address the specific vulnerability of each group of women in difficult circumstances like widow, street beggar, victims of natural calamity and communal violence, sex worker, trafficking etc. through a home-based, holistic and integrated approach, MDSM has set-up two Homes- at Dhenkanal and Angul taking financial assistance from the Department of Women & Child Development and Mission Shakti, Government of Odisha. The Home at Dhenkanal started functioning in the month of January 2005 and at Angul,

it started functioning in the month of February 2005. Both the Homes are registered under the Immoral Trafficking (Prevention) Act and purpose of running these Homes is to reintegrate the vulnerable women and main stream them in the society. Both the Homes are equipped with all necessary prerequisites like food, shelter, legal aid, medical aid, counseling, vocational training and recreation coupled with a series of other means which opens up the passage towards self-sufficiency

v. Ujjawala- Angul:

Angul is one of the central located districts of the state of Odisha. The district has tribal and low literacy pocket like Pallahara Sub-Division and backward and remote areas like Athamallik, Chhendipada and Kishore Nagar Block/Taluks. Due to poverty, illiteracy, low status of women and lack of awareness, trafficking of women and girls to out states in the name of employment and marriage was in practice in the district. This was an organized crime committed by the outside people who regularly came to those remote and low literacy pockets and taking the benefit of their innocence and ignorance.

While executing the other women and child welfare programs, MDSM could know that situation and desired to take such measures which will safeguard their right and dignity of the women and girls of the affected area.
In the meantime, the Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India launched a separate scheme in the name of “Ujjawala” for the purpose of preventing trafficking and rehabilitating the victims. MDSM took the opportunity and started implementation of this central government sponsored scheme from the month of December 2008 at Angul.
Under this scheme, the organization undertakes a series of preventive measures through awareness, workshop, group formation and organization of different entertaining programs, conduct rescue operation and rehabilitate and reintegrate the victims who are already affected.

vi. Senior Citizens Homes, Dhenkanal- Gobindpur, Joranda & Ekadalia:

Urbanization, education and exposure has ushered a change in the life style of most of the people. High up-bringing together with the education of children and gratification of desires affects to share the income for care of parents. Due to exorbitant rent and scarcity of dwellings in urban areas, the migrants prefer to leave their parents in their native places. Moreover, growing tendency of small family norms indicates a sharp decline in availability of care givers in the family. As a result of which it envisages a great number of uncared older persons. With a view to restore the rights of these neglected Section enabling them to live with proper care and dignity, MDSM introduced Old Age Home in December 1998..

The Old Age Home as renamed Senior Citizens’ Home running at Jyoti Nagar, Gobindpur, Dhenkanal and two homes converted from Multi Service Center to Senior Citizen Home- one is at Joranda and another is at Ekadalia are the Centers to provide care and protection to the destitute elderly those are 60 years of age and above. These homes ensure health care, nutrition, shelter and entertainment opportunities to the housed beneficiaries and make them able to live with core human values and dignity. In order to encourage productive and active ageing for them, the homes arrange yoga and meditation, family counseling along with manual production activity together with facilitation of old age pension. Also, in different occasions we get them involved in community development work.

vii. Senior Citizen Home- Pallahara, Angul :

MDSM has the proud privilege to announce that, basing on the need of the older persons of 60 years and above in the most vulnerable area of Angul distict i.e. Pallahara, the organization has set-up a Senior Citizen Home on April 1, 2018 to ensure health care, nutrition, shelter and entertainment opportunities in favor of the beneficiaries who are helpless and have no settled place of abode. The home is equipped with all basic facilities to house fifty beneficiaries at a time.

During day time the beneficiaries seat together, spare ample of time in discussing local and social issues, read newspaper and magazines, take nutrition, avail medical care and medicine whenever necessary and pass away their time by engaging themselves. It has become possible to bring up a great change in the lift style of the older persons and ultimately make them able to participate in social development process. Thus, the home is managed by taking contribution from the local persons/bodies and diverting funds from its own source.

viii. Physiotherapy Clinic:

To provide adequate health facility particularly to senior citizen, the MDSM has set up a Physiotherapy Clinic at Durga Bazar of Dhenkanal Municipality. The unit came into existence in April 2017. It was inaugurated by the local MLA Sri Saroj Kumar Samal in the presence of the then District Collector Sri Bhupendra Singh Punia. At Present monthly on an average 70 senior citizens coming over to the center to get the facilities.