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Aims & Objectives

To reach the zenith of our visionary insight we have certain objectives, which are pledged below.

  1. To organize the individual and community to be aware of their problems and solve them with the resources available with them.

  2. To promote integrated development through systematic, time bound and result oriented programs with specific aim, plan confidence & preservance of people.

  3. To work in cooperattion and collaborattion with other agencies, both government and non-government for implementation of development programs.

  4. To establish people's organisation such as village committees, women associations, youth forums etc for their active participation in the planning and implementation of government sponsored programs.

  5. To establish medical centres and ayurvedic dispensaries in unserved/under served areas of the locality.

  6. To establish and run orphanages, old age homes, destitute homes, special homes etc for care, protection and rehabilitation of the neglected children, helpless older person, women and girls in difficult circumstances and persons with disability. 

  7. To undertake sports, debate, song & literature competitions, cultural activity etc. for better understanding of the people in national and international issues.

  8. To undertake relief measures for the people affected by natural calamities.

  9. To undertake research programmes on the matters pertaining to the issues related with social development.

  10. To carry on lobby and advocacy tosafe guard the rights of the general public.

  11. To promote legal for family based rehabilitation of the orphan, abandoned and surrendered children.

  12. To publish periodicals, magazines, journals, bulletins etc. for creation of better awarness and understanding among the people.