Aims & Objectives :-


The core aims of MDSM is to see a homogenous society in respect of right, liberty and equality infusing human values with out bios of gender. To reach the Zenith of our aim we have certain desired objectives, which are pledged below.


  • To educate the individual and community to be aware of their problems and solve them with the resources available, through their organised and collective effort.

  • To promote integrated development through systematic, time bound and result oriented programs with specific aim, plan confider & preservance of people.

  • To promote employment schemes, saving and learning as basic to all activities.

  • To co-operate and collaborate with others in the implementation of development programs and to educate the youth on national integration, family welfare, population control, protection of Environment pollution etc.

  • To facilitate and support the people in undertaking several development programmes such as land development, watershed, management, preservation of forest, Social Forestry etc.

  • to promote and facilitate establishment of people's organisation village committees, women associations, youth forum in view of enabling their active participations in the planning and implementation of all rural development programs.

  • To motivate and involve youth to identity and eradicate social evils  like   dowry    system,   low


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    wage rate, un-touchability, illegal alcoholism, illiteracy etc. to create a new social order with greater freedom and justice.

  • To carry on above mentioned objectives for the welfare and development of all section of people irrespective of caste, creed, community and sex responding all religious and cultural feelings and avoiding political activities.

  • To promote add propagate the own philosophy of  the organisation for eradication of superstition from the society.

  • To establish medical centres in general and ayurvedic dispensaries in particular for service of the needy and down trodden.

  • To establish and run hostels, libraries (both mobile and immobile) for benefit of the poor students.

  • To bring social reform such as social prohibition and conversion of the materialistic and superstitious people into spirituality.

  • To establish orphanages, old age homes, belwadiesdiary units for service of the people in general and women & children in particular.

  • To organise camps for awaking of devotion spirit in the people.

  • To make arrangements to provides bus services and establish small and cottage industries for different vocational training for both men women to utilise their energy for betterment of their own and society at large.

  • To organise sports, debates, song & literature competitions and such other cultural function for better understanding of the people.

  • To introduce various educational programmes,.

  • To undertake relief measures in aid distress people affected by natural calamities.

  • To built the moral life and character of the members of the society.

  • To undertake research programmes on all meters pertaining to the development.

  • To aid and support deserving and/or society or physically handicapped individuals wherever and whenever necessary, financially or otherwise.

  • To be engaged on the activities in aid and support to migrated labourers, bonded labourers.

  • To appoint any person's whether members of the society or not that be required for carring the objectives and functions of the society and render them such fee or proportion there of the society in its discration considers expedient.

  • To submit views and make representation before authorities, committees, commissions or other bodies on any subject affecting the interest of the general public.

  • To be involved in all construction works like roads, bridges, culverts, water harvesting structures, bio-gas plants, smokeless chullahs, solar plants, latrines & urinals, platform of wells, tubewells & lowland chuans, digging of tanks etc. under different schemes of the Government and other agencies for community use.

  • To promote in-country adoption, Sishu Griha etc. for welfare of the abandoned/neglected/orphan children.

  • To publish periodicals, magazines, journals, bulletins etc. for creation of better awarness and understanding among the people.

  • to attend various training, seminar, workshop etc. for developing the organisational skills in relation to social welfare and social promotion and arrange the same to bring social reform.

  • To establish and maintain several centres/liason centres and branches at different location suitable to the society for carrying out its aims and objectives in smooth and perfect manner.

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